Lions Clubs International Foundation

Lion Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is a network of volunteers working both in their local areas, and supporting global initiatives through Lions International Projects, all with the aim of improving lives.  

LCIF is currently focussing global service around five areas of need. Click below for more information.

LCIF also co-ordinates help in disaster zones through Lions Clubs clubs local to people who need urgent help.  Through a global network of over 1.4 million members and 47 thousand clubs across the world, Lions are often the first responders ‘on the ground’.  Aid from other Lions Clubs is channelled direct to where it is needed, so all donations go straight to where they are needed without incurring any admin costs.  

Lions provide assistance in many ways after a tornado in Kentucky devastates the local community.

Morpeth Lions Club received funds from Lions International that enabled them to help those in Morpeth whose homes and businesses had flooded and possessions lost.